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What is back to base monitoring?

Back to base alarm monitoring requires an alarm system installed throughout your premises. These are typically passive infra-red (PIR) devices, pictured, which detect movement in combination with a control panel and subsequently trigger an alarm when movement is detected. It can also include contact sensors on doors and windows which detect when the door or window is opened, in addition to sensors that detect when glass is broken. Other system components may include smoke detectors being tied into the system, in conjunction with sirens and strobe lights. The alarm system is monitored at a remote monitoring centre which then carries out action as dictated by you upon the alarm being monitored.

Advantages of back to base monitoring.

Having back to base alarm monitoring means your premises, staff and assets can be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide peace of mind that if the alarm is triggered, then a set of agreed actions swings into play.

If your alarm activates, your system will send a signal to the monitoring centre control room. Our licenced staff will immediately follow the appropriate steps that were tailored by you upon signup. These steps generally include notifying you, as well as the relevant emergency service when the alarm is activated.

Having your alarm system monitored guarantees an immediate response by our control room staff, who will act in accordance with your tailored instructions.

Equipped with highly technical systems, we can further identify the area or zone where the intrusion has taken place.

Back to base monitoring offers you peace of mind that your property is being protected when you are not there, in conjunction with the ability to protect you when you are thereby activating the zone system. The zone system allows you to divide your premises into zones, so one section can be activated while people are still present in another zone. Any movement in the activated zone will trigger the alarm while you are free to move in the zone which has not been activated.

Back to Base Alarm monitoring is available for $1 per day. This is less than a cup of coffee per day. This is a small price to pay for the financial and emotional benefits it brings for owners and operators. These benefits are:

  • Lower insurance premiums because your premises have a security system in place
  • Cost of equipment and monitoring is a cost of doing business which is tax deductible
  • Proven that visible security results in lower levels of stock loss and lower levels of crime against property
  • Provides peace of mind and sense of security 24 hours a day knowing your assets are protected
  • Rapid response times shut down window of opportunity for thieves